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Once a user makes the payment, he/she is then redirected back to the video and a temporary security token is injected in the users browser to permit him/her to view the videos. At the same time a Thank you email is being sent to the users email address containing the purchased password for later viewing. If the users browser settings are very restrictive then a security token can not be injected. At which time the user needs to use the password emailed to him. Most up to date browsers don’t have this issue unless the default security settings have been changed on the browser. Ps: Look for your ticket in your Junk mail or Spam mail.

And last be advised if you have an issue contact us @

If we detect SPAMMING CODES! we will BANNED! Your account

with no refunds! One Password Per House Hold!

Paypal can’t help you. Paypal will contact us for all Disputes & Banning Issues !




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Please be advised, Select the video of your choice in any playlist.

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The playlist fees are monthly, yearly & lifetime.

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Hello Family from around the World!

To be a member is very easy.

All you do, just click on a video inside the playlist you like and afterwords Paypal will direct you to payments prompts. If you like to be a yearly member, just do the same thing only this time inside of any playlist choose Global=Yearly membership. Yearly gives you access to all playlist. Except

Business Webinar Playlist & Producing Beats Playlist.


Muiti Watch Viewing

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Per-House Hold. Monthly

or Yearly. Please have a membership playlist before buying.

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afterwords you will be a member.

Your membership will give you access to one

device per house hold. If you want to view the films on 4 different devices. You will

than come back here and purchase the Multi Watch Viewing up to 4 devices per- houseHold. Much like NETFLIX.

Muiti Watch Viewing