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Qaraah Films™LLC

HELLO!  Let us help you get heard!

Yash Qaraah, will play your music on Live/Pre-Recorded Radio!

Yash-Spreaker Radio Show over half of million viewers.

Please be advised radio spins are like 5 to ten a day. However internet spins don't stop & remember

you are only paying for that one tune to be spins over & over again with no additional cost.

With public Radio you pay over & over again out of pocket! Also radio will not promote your sell link.

We will, (example CD Baby) If you have a Cd Baby account and a link we will give the viewer your link

to download your tune.

Indie Music

Yash Spreaker Radio




Build your Fan Base by getting spins. on Yash Spreaker Show.

Note: If your music is copy written or with CD Baby. Please send Yash a right to play fair use letter or email. So that your spins want be interrupted.

Radio Spins

If you have any questions please leave a voice mail. For faster service please use a mobile phone. Land Lines will take longer for a response.

719-425-9274- voice mail