Yash Qaraah:

Has developed a concept to produced Ads on

My Hit Radio Show Yash Qaraah- RADIO.

My Show get air play 24-7. Not only air play but, YouTube views, in other words when running your ads with Yash Qaraah not only are you getting ads, but your are getting Air Play= None Stop Ads World Wide and all over YouTube. You can't go wrong.

Please be advised we don't promote Pornography,Night Clubs,Dating Sites,Church's, Celebrities, Hip Hop, Sex Ads.

We do promote Righteous Music, Survival Technics, Self Defense, Gatherings, Knowledge, Vegans, Vegetarians, Business's, Self Employment, Physical Fitness etc...

Radio ads are not Radio Spins.

Radio Advertising talks about your business,adventures etc..

Each ad cost $100.00 If you are in need of Ad Promos it's $75.00 add on. "Why" ? Because Yash will do a Ad Roll out featuring your product between Radio breaks. Regular ads are just spoken during broadcast. Which still is very affective. You decide what's best for your brand. and Yash Qaraah

will make it do what it do.. All Ads run continually remember Radio shut ads down within a week Yash Radio your Ads run all day all night as well as on You Tube. When the Radio show is done your ad runs on Auto Polite!

One Love!




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