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in regards to the redirection after purchase: & SPAMMIMG CODES=PASSWORDS! Qaraah Films- POLICY-PLEASE READ!

Once a user makes the payment, he/she is then redirected back to the video and a temporary security token is injected in the users browser to permit him/her to view the videos. At the same time a Thank you email is being sent to the users email address containing the purchased password for later viewing. If the users browser settings are very restrictive then a security token can not be injected. At which time the user needs to use the password emailed to him. Most up to date browsers don’t have this issue unless the default security settings have been changed on the browser. Ps: Look for your ticket in your Junk mail or Spam mail. And last be advised if you have an issue contact us @ qaraahfilms@gmail.com If we detect SPAMMING CODES! we will BANNED! Your account

To join just click any film in the playlist of your choice & you will be prompt with membership fee. Monthly or Yearly. Global gives you access to all playlist except:

Producing Beats Playlist,Business Webinar Playlist & The Life Time Playlist.

Paypal will contact us for all Disputes & Banning Issues !

You should always start off on a Desktop. Update your system ass needed.

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