30 Day Management


This is only for those whom fill the need for that extra attention for success, with my Hit Radio Show and knowledge of the industry and life experience's I have a lot to bring to the table. I'm not just talking the talk I have made the walk. Only like minds will understand the flow of the struggle and the importance of Wifey,Kids=

Real Family.

30 Day Pack Deal


Yash 30 day One on One


Yash will be working with you one on one.

This will not be a stack 'em up get them inn get them out!

This is a very personal 30 day event for success. This is why it's one client at a time you have to take this serious, in order to do so it has to be one person/persons at a time.

This will give me the opportunity to develop a awesome rapport with the client   so that there's no miscommunication.

And last you will also be given a agreemnet letter to sign (electronic) so that there are no surprises in the work you are agreeing upon.    

        30 Day Consulting, 30 Day one on one,

     Radio Promo, Answer any & all questions.

     Qaraah Films- Promo on Digital Networks.

   Where music is downloaded. iTunes,Spotify,

                 Amazon,Google Play etc...

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30 Day

30 Day Pk Deal